Item   Description   Price
Triple salad combo   with tuna salad, egg & olive and chicken salad with tomatoes , french fries and saltines   $8.99
Tuna, egg & olive or chicken   served on a bed of lettuce with saltines   $6.50
Peaches and cottage cheese   served on bed of lettuce with saltines   $6.50
Chef salad       $12.25
 Fresh Fruit Salad   served with cottage cheese (seasonal)   $7.99
Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Chef Salad   grilled seasonsed chicken with out homemade broccoli salad served over salad topped with cheddar cheese, almonds, bacon and raisins, garnished with tomatoes   $9.79
Greek or gyro salad   with pita bread   $9.50
Chicken Caesar Salad       $11.50 
Shrimp Caesar Salad       $12.99
Steak Caesar Salad       $13.99



Too Busy To Come To Dine In Tonight? Have your meal delivered by Carryout Courier.
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 Please note that Carryout Courier is a separate company from Central Family Restaurant that delivers food for us.


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