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Dine-in service is now available!


  • Bread Bowl with Soup

    Your bread bowl will be served hot with your choice of soup of the day.  We make soups daily and can pick any of our soups or chili to go in your breadbow.  They make a good meal or a very good appetizer for two.  
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Item   Description   Price
Homemade Chili   Cup   $3.50
    Bowl   $4.25
Crock of Chili  

topped with fresh onionsand provolone cheese

French onion soup   Croc   $5.25
Cream of Crab Soup or Maryland Crab Soup (We alternate these so we will have one or the other depending on what we made for that day.    Cup   $4.50
    Bowl   $6.25

We also make fresh soups daily.  Call 717.845.4478 and ask what they are today.



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